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Puerto Candelaria. Una explosión de sonido que ha traspasado las fronteras, ha burlado los esquemas y se ha abierto paso en la escena musical independiente de América Latina.

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Puerto Candelaria is a big explosion of Colombian sounds who has crossed the borders, has broken schemes and has traced their own route not only with music: theater, dance and humor are the effective resources that its members apply to expose the exuberance of Colombia.

Puerto Candelaria Nubes

Tour (the adventures of candelario ship)

Puerto Candelaria nubes
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Tour (las aventuras del barco candelario)

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Puerto candelaria (where everything began)

Puerto Candelaria

Puerto Candelaria is an innovative and passionate Colombian band that for the last two decades has been an essential element in the movement that redefined the music industry of recent times in Latin America, and it is is one of the top international representatives of the new Colombian music, with hundreds of concerts in the most important festivals, cultural markets and art exhibitions in Europe, Asia, North and South America

Under the direction of Latin Grammy Award winner and genius musician Juancho Valencia, Puerto Candelaria proposes a bold journey of sounds through Cumbia, Rock, Ska, Chucu Chucu, World Music, and its own genres: “Colombian Jazz” and “Cumbia Underground”.


The prestige of Puerto Candelaria is revealed in its mature concept and its staging full of humor, dance, theater and fun, which immediately spreads to the audience when listening to their hits: "Amor y deudas", "Cumbia Rebelde", "Amor Fingido", and others that equally invite to dance or deep reflection.

Its proposal has been object of study in institutions such as the Berklee College of Music, The Conservatory of Music of Rotterdam and The Conservatory of Music of Beijing, and It is "Puerto Candelaria Sinfónico" the show that expresses to the maximum its versatility bringing together the solemnity of the symphonic sound with a “crazy party”.

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Booking Colombia / Juan Felipe Arango,
Booking Europe except Spain / Greg Connan, Derapage Prod 
Booking Spain / Carlos Abadías, El Espíritu del Sur
Booking Argentina and Uruguay / María Carrascal, Agitando Cultura
Booking Brazil / Mónica Cosas


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